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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Tal'Diann, part 2 (newly updated with more PICTURES!!!)

Virinat and Admiral t'Prell

Like many another of the far-flung colonies of Romulans and Remans after the Hobus Supernova, Virinat was a planet with a peaceful agricultural settlement.  That all changed one night, thanks to Colonel Hakeev's Tal'Shiar, the Elachi, and the Iconians, with the Empress' endorsement.

The colony was besieged.  The enemy was made up, on the ground, almost exclusively of Tal'Shiar agents and various constructed drone vessels, as well as strange craft which beamed people aboard and fled back into orbit.  In orbit and leaving the system, the enemy was once more primarily a Tal'Shiar fleet, although other vessels were seen.  At the time, those other vessels were of unknown provenance.  History records them by a name that came to be given to them after the siege of Virinat:  Elachi.  At this time, however, they were unknown aliens, to the people of Virinat.

The colonists on Virinat were farmers, engineers, scientists, diplomats, advisors, traders, and artists, but they were not soldiers.  A few old, retired military personnel were about, who did what they could, and some of the youth took up the mantle of command and resistance on that day.

Gessatra ir'Virinat t'Prell was one such Romulan who gathered survivors and helped evacuate the planet.  Flying away from Virinat in an old T'Liss Light Warbird, the orange imperial bird-of-prey heraldry on the underbelly intact, Gessatra t'Prell began a career which would, in time, bring her to the position of Tal'Diann galae'Enriov, Romulan Intelligence Fleet Admiral of the Fleet.

This T'Liss, which probably last saw active combat service a hundred years ago or more, was given the name "ch'Rihan," the name of the Romulan primary planet until the Hobus Supernova, and in the R.R.W. ch'Rihan and subsequent vessels, t'Prell and her steadily growing crew were involved, often in central roles, with many of the key events of more recent Romulan history, either prominently or behind the scenes (having done work as an Operative for Klingon Defense Forces Intelligence as well as an Asset and later Agent for the Tal'Diann prior to going on to even darker operations as a Saboteur and Spy).  The execution of Hakeev the Mad, the Iconian capture of the Empress Sela, the Rediscovery of Mol'Rihan, the Recovery of the Sword of the Raptor Star, the breaking of the power of the Tal'Shiar fleet, the repelling of the Elachi invasion, a cleanup mission on Nimbus III from the Orion Syndicate Intelligence Division, encounters with Devidians and the past on Drozana Station, skirmishes with True Way Cardassians and Jem'Hadar, a Dominion invasion from the past on DS9, battles with Borg and Undine and Breen, all of these and more actions has she faced as her career advanced.

Not long after earning the rank of khre'Enriov (Vice Admiral), t'Prell was commissioned as the galae'Enriov (Fleet Admiral / Admiral of the Fleet) for the Tal'Diann KDF-allied fleet, and Captain of the Tal'Diann Flagship, the R.R.W. LivianaCharvanek, a T'Varo Light Warbird Retrofit torpedo boat.  (In real world real time, 21 June 2013, 11:09:17pm, US CDT, as seen here, seconds after the event:  The Tal'Diann is reborn within the New Romulan Republic ) Stardate 91077.19 is recorded as the moment when the new order of the Tal'Diann began, in the New Romulan Republic (as opposed to the old Romulan Star Empire), with galae'Enriov Gessatra ir'Virinat t'Prell at the helm.

Fleet Admiral t'Prell in her office in the Tal'Diann Fleet Embassy on Mol'Rihan:
Fleet Admiral t'Prell remains vigilant in her watch against incursions from the Tal'Shiar and their dark masters, as well as any other threats to the security of the New Romulan Republic, the Fleet of the New Romulan Republic, and the Fleet of the Tal'Diann, continuing in the finest tradition of Tal'Diann women like Liviana Charvanek.

Gessatra ir'Virinat t'Prell and her First Officer, Tovan ir'Virinat Khev, in the early days of their military careers, in a Tal'Diann facility:

Gessatra t'Prell seated in a corner of the club area on Drozana Station, where she often runs psych ops missions:

A chronological list of Fleet Admiral Gessatra ir'Virinat t'Prell's personal commands
the R.R.W. ch'Rihan, a T'liss Light Warbird
the R.R.W. Senorix, a Dhelan Warbird
the R.R.W. Sirona, a Mogai Heavy Warbird
the R.R.W. Memenda, a Kamarag Battle Cruiser
the R.R.W. Senua, a D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser
the R.R.W. Ssaedhe, a Ha'apax Advanced Warbird
the R.R.W. Susse'Thrai, a Koro't'inga Battle Cruiser D7
the A.R.W. Sienae, a Mirror Ha'feh Assault Warbird
the R.R.W. LivianaCharvanek, a T'varo Light Warbird Retrofit
the A.R.W. Dhael'Temarhkh, a Mirror Ha'apax Advanced Warbird
Small Craft
the R.R.W. H'Levreinnye, a Tiercel Shuttle
the R.R.W. Ri-Hhvaeh, a Kestrel Runabout

Vessel name notes (names are Romulan unless otherwise noted):
The "ch'Rihan" is the "Romulus" -- it is the Romulan name of the Romulan Prime World, destroyed in the Hobus Supernova.
The "Senorix" is the "Ancient King" (Gaulish).
The "Sirona" is named for a Gallic star goddess.
The "Memenda" is named after the Romulan D7 Flagship of Riov Liviana Charvanek.
The "Senua" is named for a Gallo-Brittonic "Ancient One" goddess.
The "Ssaedhe" is the "Steadfast" (in Romulan).
The "Susse'Thrai" is the "She-Wolf" (or "Bitch").
The "Sienae" is the "Talon."
The "LivianaCharvanek" is named for the Riov (Romulan Fleet Commander) Liviana Charvanek, who led a squad of Romulan D7 Battle Cruisers in an effort to seize the Starfleet Flagship, the U.S.S. Enterprise N.C.C. 1701, then under command of Captain James T. Kirk, whose First Officer was Commander Spock, later Ambassador Spock.
The "Dhael'Temarhkh" is the "Nocturnal Bird."
The "H'Levreinnye" is the "Love-Devil" or "Lust-Devil" (a Romulan term of endearment).
The "Ri'Hhvaeh" is the "Spy" (more literally, the "Female-Spy," this is a term that can only be applied to a living being, so it seems odd that a spacecraft would be given this name, but the runabout was named for the woman commanding it, since Admiral t'Prell is herself "the Female-Spy").

Among her crew are:
 Tovan Khev (Chief Tactical Officer and First Officer, a Romulan male, friend to Admiral t'Prell since youth on Virinat)
Aeris (Chief of Security, a Romulan female, from New Romulus Command Center)
Satra (Chief Science Officer, a Romulan female refugee volunteer from the Suliban Helix)
Hiven (Chief Medical Officer, a Romulan male, rescued from a Tal'Shiar trap)
Veril (Chief Engineer, a Reman female, rescued from an Elachi-Tal'Shiar invasion)
Shendi'la'vri (Chief of Operations, an Orion female, from KDF Intelligence)
D'Vex (an older Romulan male, lived on Virinat at the time of the Elachi-Tal'Shiar invasion, rescued from an Elachi laboratory)
Sendo (a male Reman Science Officer, a Liaison Officer from Obisek)
Bollina (a female Romulan Engineering Officer, from New Romulus Command Center)
Each of these bridge officers bears the rank of erei'Riov (Subcommander).

The R.R.W. Memenda, a Klingon-manufactured Kamarag, one of the ships under Fleet Admiral t'Prell's command:

Gessatra demonstrating special weapons, the Ferengi Energy Whip in this case, for an ally:

Gessatra on subspace radio, communicating a plan to command:

The R.R.W. Susse'Thrai, one of the vessels under Fleet Admiral t'Prell's command, a Klingon-manufactured Koro't'inga Refit, built to the Admiral's specifications so as to appear as a D7:

The R.R.W. ch'Rihan, Gessatra ir'Virinat t'Prell's first command:

The R.R.W. LivianaCharvanek (outfitted with a Breen Absolute Zero set), decloaked (a rare sight, since this vessel has an Advanced Romulan Battle Cloak that is seldom turned off):

A more typical "view" of the LivianaCharvanek, when cloaked and the light hits at just the right angle to allow perception:

Gessatra ir'Virinat t'Prell, very early in her military career:

Fleet Admiral t'Prell on the bridge of the R.R.W. Susse'Thrai:

Another rare glimpse of the LivianaCharvanek, underway at full impulse:

Fleet Admiral t'Prell outside the Command Center on Mol'Rihan:

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