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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sequel/Update to my earlier post: "LastChaos-USA Publication Rights Transferred from Aeria to Gamigo"

Sequel/Update to my earlier post:  "LastChaos-USA Publication Rights Transferred from Aeria to Gamigo"

Hi, people.

Back in December I posted that with the official news published by Aeria included (by permission) and some waxing nostalgic about my time in LC as player and Game Sage, and ended it with:

Before the transfer had even begun, I set up an account at Gamigo, and I plan to continue to play LC-USA there.  While the game has its bugs and glitches, and could use some improvement in various particulars, it remains very captivating to me, and it has been a major part of my life for over five years.  I have made some good friends through the game, and through Aeria -- players, Game Sages, Forum Moderators, and Staff members.

 I have maintained some professional silence since then, although I believe the LC community at Gamigo knows that I soon changed my mind, and I believe that they know why.  I did discuss it with a few former colleagues who had also been Volunteers or Staff (or both) involved with LC at Aeria.  I did not speak in confidence, although these were private conversations between people who were simultaneously friends and colleagues.  I have continued, however, to be a Game Sage for DKO at Aeria, although that currently means that I do very little in the role due to the continuing status of the game in hiatus, and am not active on the fora or in the ShoutBox as I was when the game was up and running.  I do look in from time to time, to try to keep the fora and SB clean to the best of my ability, to see if there has been any progress, to look and see if my presence is needed.  More recently, however, Aeria sold its European holdings to a German company, and among those holdings were the English-language publishing rights to DKO.  The transition is still going on in some respects, and I have had no news from the Staff as to the status of the game or any progress.

I have spent most of my time online in recent months playing Star Trek Online through PWE.

As for LC and my decision not to play as I had intended, I need say very little.  A patch came which limited stacks to a total of 999 items.  In the same patch, additional inventory space, so long needed and requested, was finally added, for a price.  Some people lost items which were not supposed to be affected in this way.  A policy to disallow afk pet-leveling and afk affinity farming by use of the P2 Pet AI was declared.

Games should be fun.

LC stopped being fun.

Some who continue to be involved in the LC community I miss, but I cannot in good conscience partake in the game lest it give the impression of condoning things such as what I have related.  To those friends, I will say that you know how you may reach me, and I wish you the best.

I continue to be a GS for DKO.

I continue to play STO.

And then there's this blog and my Google Plus.

Give me a shout once in a while, huh?  :)

American Rushes to Sudan to Save Pregnant Wife From Hanging

Pregnant Woman to Get 100 Lashes, Then Hanged for Marrying a Christian

I long for the day upon which all people realize that enforced conformity is an intrinsic impossibility and that diversity is among other things also a sign of a healthy society.  Religion cannot be forced, or it is false, feigned, a failure.  Currently it is "the Silly Season" in the United States, with politicians opportunistically blathering their rhetoric and slogans as they pander to the sentiments and prejudices of the public.  Among things being said often are words like "values" and "common sense" and "Christian faith."  These are pimps who would prostitute the people to the highest bidder in pursuit of personal benefit.  Self-proclaimed guardians of morality have a long history of being hypocrites.  Religion cannot be legislated.  Those who attempt to do so are inwardly insecure in their own religion, and feel threatened by dissent and diversity, afraid that their views are false and that they have given up opportunities in an effort to be faithful to what they believe their religion teaches for nothing but a lie.  Here's a thought:  if you're so afraid your religion is false, then it might be more Just to allow others to reject that religion.  Morality is neither patented to nor dependent on any particular religion or religion in general.  I sincerely believe that Gene Roddenberry was a visionary artist and prophet.  Among the things he said is this pearl:

“If man is to survive, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures. He will learn that differences in ideas and attitudes are a delight, part of life's exciting variety, not something to fear.”

To this I respond:


In Koine Greek, this means "May it become."

#Religion #Theocracy #Intolerance