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Friday, August 16, 2013

“Please don’t let my daughter die, Governor.”

‘Please don’t let my daughter die’: Father begs Chris Christie to legalize medical marijuana [VIDEO]

An aggrieved father confronted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during a campaign stop on Wednesday, begging the Republican to sign into law a bill that would provide easier access to medical marijuana for children, CBS New York reports.

Brian Wilson’s 2-year-old daughter Vivian is diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a rare and potentially lethal form of epilepsy. She wears glasses to avoid having light trigger seizures and has stopped breathing twice during epileptic episodes, her parents said.

Chris Christie Confronted By Dad Over Medical Marijuana For Kids [Video]

Last month, Christie expressed reservations about the bill during a radio program. “I’m concerned about expanding the program. And I want to make sure that if we do it, we do it in a way that is helpful to children, does not reduce any of the requirements of the program; to make sure this does not go down a slippery slope of broadening the program and making it easier (for unqualified people) to get marijuana.”

Non Causa Pro Causa is a type of the logical fallacy known as "Slippery Slope."  A logical fallacy is an incorrect inference form, or, more prosaically, an example of faulty reasoning.  We've seen this before from the Right Wing (and in particular, "the Religious Right"), for example in connection with Marriage Equality (in which they not only commit the fallacy of Non Causa Pro Causa, but also the fallacy of Argumentum ad Hominem, specifically in the Abusive ad Hominem variety, by essentially equating Gay Marriage with pedophilia, bestality, etc).  Fallacy is in fact all too common from politicians of every party and ideology, but an ideology which glorifies ignorance, prejudice, superstition and irrationality, such as does the Religious Right, is obviously more likely to make use of erroneous reasoning.

But, Donna Giovanna, isn't there something else the little girl can take?

No, as seen in this article (and blatantly stated in the CNN broadcast today):
Chris Christie expected to announce decision on medical marijuana bill

Brian Wilson's 2-year-old daughter, Vivian, suffers a version of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome. Normal epilepsy medications have so far failed to work for Vivian, and her family believes a certain type of medical marijuana -- one with high levels of cannabidiol, or CBD -- may be able to help. High-CBD strains of marijuana have helped other patients with Dravet Syndrome.

You'll note in the videos that Christie believes that his office entitles him to "make these decisions."  Au contraire.  The Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the US Constitution say otherwise.

But just who is this Governor Chris Christie, anyway?

Chris Christie is the favorite for the GOP's super-rich:  The GOP wants the New Jersey governor to save the party from Sen. Rand Paul's libertarian wing

The donor class that wanted Christie, settled for Romney, and wants Christie again needs a candidate who’ll slash at regulation in office and come off patriotic (and pro-Israel) enough to actually get into office. ...

Every week there’s another reminder that the GOP’s libertarian wing hasn’t truly overcome the Bush wing. Back in Aspen, Christie gave them more fresh evidence. “President Obama has done nothing to change the policies of the Bush administration in the war on terrorism,” he said. “I mean practically nothing. You know why? Because they work.”
Violations of the Bill of Rights do NOT work.  They instead promote the causes of hatred of "our freedoms" which George W. Bush alleged was the motivation of the terrorists.

From CNN:  "New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie supports easing access to medical marijuana for sick children."
... but issues a qualified veto of the bill.

I'll update this later when a full article will hopefully be ready from a news source, but the quoted bit above can currently be found at the top of the same CNN article linked above;  it does not yet mention the qualified veto, which was discussed on CNN moments ago.

New Jersey Gov Christie to ease access to medical marijuana for children

Gov. Chris Christie has agreed to give chronically ill children easier access to medical marijuana.

However, the governor conditionally vetoed a bill on the issue because it goes further than he was willing to go.

America, is this the person you want to be the President?  I'll be voting against him myself.

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