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Friday, January 17, 2014

Where I've Been and What I've Been Doing Lately

A little update

Some of those who read this blog may have noticed that I haven't been very active in posting this month, and may have been wondering where I've been and what I've been doing, and so on.  Fear not, I have not abandoned this blog, and will return to posting here in the future.

However, I've also been working on a website for my fleet in the Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), Star Trek Online (STO).  For those not familiar with the game, a "fleet" in STO is the equivalent of what some MMOs refer to as a "guild" or "clan," that is, a group of players of the game, organized through the game's mechanics, into an association.  Ideally, these groups should function in a tribe-like manner, cooperating for the betterment of the group as a group, and for the members of the group as individuals, with each member contributing to the group itself and helping other members get ahead in the game.

The fleet I started in STO is named "Tal'Diann," which is the name of the Military Intelligence organization in Romulan society.  Some of us are fans of the writings of Diane Duane, and the language which she created for the Romulans in her novels.  As such, use of the doaege Rihan (Romulan language) is welcome and encouraged within the fleet, although not required.  I'm also using the language quite a bit on the fleet website (with translation provided, of course), and have two pages on the site which provide resources for the language.

For those who might find any of this interesting, please feel free to have a look around the site (which is still growing;  my two current projects for the site are a discussion of history and culture pertaining to the Romulan people, and a biography of my main character in STO, G'essatra ir'Virinat t'Prell, the Fleet Admiral of the Tal'Diann -- neither of these writings is currently visible to the public, but they should become visible within a relatively short period of time, once I'm satisfied enough with the presentation).  Here's a link:
Tal'Diann (Phi'Tlaru Rihan)
Llea-u (Enjoy)!

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