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Monday, January 11, 2016

A Sense of Perspective on Liberty? Part 6, or, Okay, Let Me Tell You AGAIN Why I Support Senator Sanders for President

A Sense of Perspective on Liberty?
Part 6,
Or, "Okay, Let Me Tell You Again
Why I Support Senator Sanders for President,"
by Liviana (Giovanna L.)

Yet again, I am asked why I am supporting Bernie Sanders instead of someone else.  Well, gee, Wally, maybe because I believe in the things he believes in, things which some other candidates either oppose vehemently or merely give lip-service to?  Here, then, read and learn why I am supporting Bernie Sanders (I've liberally sprinkled the text with links to back up what I'm saying, and put in a few pictures because I wanted to):

Senator Bernie Sanders is not Republican Lite like Secretary Hillary Clinton, and he's not polarizing like Secretary Clinton.

Senator Sanders is an actual Leftist (this is NOT a bad word!), not a "less-far-to-the-Right-than-the-Republicans-ist" (Hell, at this point, even Mussolini is almost less to the Right than some Republicans [and I don't believe I need to justify this assertion in any way, thanks to Herr Trump, whom even some public figures in his own party are calling out for his views], so being "less Right Wing than the Republicans" is not exactly sufficient for my vote).  Senator Sanders believes in Progressive values and will not cave at the first sign of resistance like a "Nu Democrat" will.  He will give us change for the better, and not the mediocrity of business as usual, nor a descent into the maelstrom of madness.

Bernie Sanders is pissed off about most if not all of the same things I'm pissed off about, and he supports most if not all of the ideals I hold dear.

No, Hillary.  Some of us know you're just a Right Winger in "Liberal" clothing.

Senator Sanders has a long -- and consistent --history of fighting for liberty, justice, and equality for all.  He was active in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, and supported LGBTI rights as early as the 1970s, and is the only 2016 Presidential candidate who voted against DOMA.  He also stands firmly for Women's Reproductive Rights.

He is not in the pocket of the banks and corporations (nor for-profit prison corporations) and Wall Street like some other candidates, but will actually stand up for the middle class and the poor against those leeches.

Not being the beneficiary of dark money contributions, Bernie Sanders has no vested interest in wearing kid gloves when dealing with campaign finance reform.  Of what other candidate can this be said?  Not a one.

While some are busy trying to pit the Middle Class and the Less Fortunate against one another, Bernie is willing to go after the 1% who are not paying their fair share.  That current situation means that the burden of taxation falls on the Middle Class and the Less Fortunate are resented for even the subsistence level benefits they receive.

Bernie Sanders believes in social and economic justice, in uniting us against our common foe, instead of trying to divide us so that the foe can continue to live a life of luxury.  He will work for making education available to all, and not merely the "fortunate son."  He will endeavor to patch the safety net, and his plan is sound.  And, contrary to the fear-mongering, his plan will NOT bankrupt the nation by these efforts.

Senator Sanders is an advocate of a living wage, recognizing that, no matter what job someone does, if they put in 40 hours a week for wages, they deserve better than they're currently getting.  And no, this isn't going to hurt the Middle Class like business publications claim.  It's going to decrease some of the massive profits that the huge corporations get, though, which, you know, is probably why those business publications are spewing bile about it.

Unlike the candidates from the other party, Senator Sanders will not send young people overseas to die in imperialistic and economic wars, only to pat them on the back and send them on their way if they manage to make it home alive.

And, as noted above, Bernie is not polarizing the way Hillary is;  if the Republicans hate anyone more than they hate President Obama, it's Hillary Rodham Clinton, so their ilk will turn out in droves to vote against her, while Bernie has a real chance to win.  She's not even, as some would assume, the candidate of the Progressive American Woman.  Guess who is.  Go on, guess.

He's not gung-ho for "gun control," the perennial cause célèbre of the Democratic Party, which effort blatantly ignores "shall not be infringed," and which will never resonate with voters in the heartland nor any rural area.  He did not attempt to exploit recent tragedies to push the same ridiculous un-constitutional proposals that so many "Democrats" started trying to push.  We are all of us "innocent until proven guilty" in this nation.  Being merely suspected of something is no justification for denying us our Constitutional Rights -- and, lest we all forget, that "no-fly list" bullshit is a product of another Republican régime, one which gave us the attempted dismantling of the Bill of Rights which goes by the euphemistic acronym "USA PATRIOT Act" (and let me point out that Senator Sanders voted against that bit of fascism, for all the right reasons;  Ms Clinton, on the other hand, who was also a Senator at the time, voted for it)  I'm afraid my confidence is lacking in the Dubya régime's ability to not place political opponents on such a list (especially since many of us saw the same news articles which strongly suggested that that very thing did in fact happen), and some current candidates would like to continue warrantless surveillance and other government spying on our own citizens.  To my international friends who may be appalled to read of my support for the Law of the Land in the USA (our Constitution), which includes the 2nd Amendment recognition of the right of the people to keep and bear arms:  you're never going to convince this Texas Girl to support "gun control."  Prohibition has never worked in any form, and this particular variation on Prohibition cannot be done legally without an Amendment to the Constitution of the USA (and I, for one, do not believe the Constitution should ever be amended except to expand the list of rights recognized by the government and improve our political system itself, but never to deny rights).

So, you want to know, again, why I'm supporting Senator Bernie Sanders for President?  These are a few of my reasons.  I can go on, if you wish, but I think I've made my point.  Let me ask you, then:  "Why wouldn't I support Bernie Sanders?  Why wouldn't any rational person support him?"

Power to the people!



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