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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Stop Letting Yourself Be Used,
by Liviana (Giovanna Laine)

An Open Letter to Heidi Hess of CREDO Action,
from Liviana (Giovanna Laine)

Dear Heidi,

I am very tired of hearing the buzzing of the drones of the Queen (Wanna)Bee.  If your would-be queen were as competent, experienced, and intelligent as her drones have insisted, then she would have remembered that she had to campaign to the people across the country, and not just in those few high population areas where she did campaign.  She did not, however, not that it would have helped her much;  country folk have a way of seeing through such obvious fakeness and condescension as have marked her since she was the First Lady of Arkansas (if not before).  Point being, she lost, fair and square, within our system.

You see, we don't have a pure democracy in which the mob rules and gives us a dictatorship of the majority or elevates one among them to lord it over the rest of us.  No, Madison and the other Founders wisely gave us the Electoral College, a tripartite government, a separation of powers, and checks and balances, in order to prevent that kind of dystopia.  Did you never take Civics or US History?  The United States is not a democracy and was never intended to be.  It's a democratic federal republic, a representative democracy and a rule of law, not a rule of whatever fad happens to be trending among the masses at the moment.  The election of President is more than a mere popularity contest, by design.  If we had remained true to the ideals of Madison and Washington, we would not now have these "factions" (political parties) within our republic, but that cat's out of the bag and isn't going back in.

The Democratic Party shot itself in both feet and now blames "Russia" for its own stupidity.  The Republican Party is by no means righteous, but this incessant Bifurcation Fallacy with its attendant Argumentum ad Metum produces increased polarization into two camps which have no substantial differences from one another and yet demonize each other (and anyone who, rightly seeing that there are more than two answers, refuses to join either of the two sides which falsely insist that they are the only game in town).

is a demagogic man-child.

is a pimp for Wall Street and the Neocons.

Neither one of the two is worthy of the office of President of the United States.  Of the two, however, I agree with Doctor Jill Stein's assessment that Hillary posed the greater danger, because she was already banging the drums of war for her masters on Wall Street and in the CNAS.

You partisan Democrats should have given us Bernie.  He was imperfect, but he was a better option than either of those two.  There was election interference, alright, but it came, not from "the Russians" or Vladimir Putin, but from the Democratic National Committee and the corporate media.  Read the emails and see.  They have digital signatures which demonstrate their authenticity, and nobody is even trying to pretend anymore that they were not authentic.  But somehow, we continue to hear nothing from the complicit main stream media but the idea that how those emails allegedly came to light is a worse crime than the blatant anti-democratic behavior of the DNC and the collusion of the fourth estate in favor of one rather miserable candidate who ran an incompetent campaign based on sunshine and lollipops for her Basket of Gullibles and the same condescending insults of anyone who refused to praise the Great Feminist Hope (as if she were remotely Feminist) which she used the last time she tried to contend for the office.

Trump is bad, mkay?

But Hillary would have been worse (on so many levels), and Pence would also be worse (I hope I don't have to explain why) if your lot somehow managed to get enough Congress critters to support articles of impeachment against Trump, because no, impeaching Trump would not mean that your Queen (Wanna)Bee would somehow be declared the winner.  No, we'd have Pence.  If you think Trump is bad, "you ain't seen nothin'."

All I hear is "OMG, Trump!" and "RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!"  Your lot is now claiming (again) that Senator Sanders was an unwitting tool of the Russians.  Grow up.  Your lot told us that we were "being ridiculous."  Your Queen (Wanna)Bee, however, declared that anyone who would refuse to accept the results of the general election would be a danger to "democracy."  At least have the decency to be mature about the election results.  Go look at the so-called "evidence" of Russian hacking and "interference" with some damned critical skills.  Pay attention to elected officials from your own party admitting that they want to go to war with Russia.  WAR.  With the NUCLEAR power Russia!  Are you that apathetic, that gullible, that dense, or just that insane?

The only "catspaw" in all of this is the group of partisan tools who keep pushing this nonsense about Russians.

You and your people at CREDO do some good work, but stop sending me this hysteria based on a lack of critical evaluation of the claims of the USIC;  this is nothing but childish dreck, and I'm excessively tired of it.

And do NOT try to force any more Neoliberals or Neoconservatives (or anyone who, like Hillary, is both) on us, or we'll have another four years of Trump (or whichever other candidate the Republicans put forward, who is likely to be one of the anti-liberty, pro-establishment, reactionary, far Right Wing idiots more typical of their party, if they don't nominate Trump again [and the jury's still out on exactly how typical of Republicans Trump is, despite the farcical trial by media currently being attempted by the establishment Democrats and their toadies in the MSM, aided and abetted by the little delicate fragile neurotics who are triggered by Democratic partisan rhetoric and still refuse to recognize that Reagan, Bush the Elder, Bill Clinton, Bush the Lesser, and Obama were all already Fascists and that Trump's presidency is unlikely to be any kind of radical departure from that trend into some kind of Fascism beyond what we've already had in the USA since 1981]).  I know this demand will fall on deaf ears.  In 2020, the Democrats will again put forward someone who, like Hillary, is a Machiavellian opportunist caring nothing about anything but his or her own ambition, although the Democratic candidate in 2020 may actually have some charisma, unlike the Queen (Wanna)Bee.  Hopefully, though, it will be a figure already known to the voters as an establishment Democrat.  Maybe then the Progressive Leftists who are now stubbornly clinging to the pipe dream of reforming the Democratic Party will finally come to their senses and join the rest of us under the Green umbrella.  Stop voting for the "lesser" evil.  Choose the greater good instead.  Go Green.  It's in our hands.

Giovanna Laine

The title of the post comes from Star Trek (The Original Series), Season 2, episode 7;  episode 36 overall;  production code 30.

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