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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gessa G'ian the Succuba dancing on Drozana Station

This was back in December, before the space station in the Drozana system was redesigned.  At the time, Gessa was still a Captain in the Klingon Defense Forces.  Now she is a Lieutenant General and has been for several months.  I'll have more to tell of her story as time goes by, but for now, I'll give brief biographical data:  Gessa G'ian, known as "the Succuba," is a Kolari (Orion) woman, a cousin to Melani D'ian ("the Emerald Empress" and head of the Orion Syndicate).  She is also one of the top spies of the Military Intelligence Division of the Orion Syndicate, holding the position of Chief of the Department of Military Intelligence in the LGBT of the KDF 1st Fleet.  When she earned the rank of Lieutenant General in the KDF, the Tabadi (Matriarch) of her Caj (Great Family, Clan, Tribe) abdicated in favor of Gessa.  Gessa G'ian the Succuba is thus now also the Tabadi of the Ninth Caj of Kolari.  She wears the Ninth Tribal tattoo with pride on the left side of her throat.

Click the link below the thumbnail to watch the video.

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