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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fox "News" Up to its Old Tricks - Attempts to Hide Far Right Wing Extremist "Williamsburg Accord"

From Media Matters:

Fox News is aiding the Republican agenda to govern by crisis by attempting to shift blame to Democrats for the government shutdown.

As House Republicans threatened a government shutdown by proposing a series of budgets that defunded or delayed portions of the Affordable Care Act, Jonathan Chait reported in New York magazine that their actions were the result of the "Williamsburg Accord," a legislative strategy formulated by the GOP in January  2013 that "took the form of trying to wrest concessions from Obama by provoking a series of crises." Chait noted that the accord explained "why Republicans are careening toward a potential government shutdown."

Read more:
Fox Helps GOP Implement The "Williamsburg Accord" With Dishonest Shutdown Coverage

SuccubaSuprema writes:
Oh, my!  A conspiracy theory!

Goodness, people, the Far Right Wing Extremists believe in conspiracy theories!  Is it that much of a leap to suggest that they might actually try a conspiracy themselves?  The facts are there for all to see;  this is not conspiracy theory, but reality (although calling it a "conspiracy" is exaggeration, since the Williamsburg Accord was not exactly a secret).

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