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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tal'Diann Recruiting Message (In-Character)

 Tal'Diann Recruiting Message

The Tal'Shiar is without honor.  Songs will be sung of those who stood cooly against them and defeated them in glorious battle, leaving a calm legacy of honor for the future.

Social Credibility, Honorable Ethic, and Passionate Virtues of the Orion People, the Klingon People, and the Romulan People.  These lofty ideals are alien to the psychopaths of the Tal'Shiar and their conditioned dupes.

Tal'Diann (Romulan Military Intelligence) is allied with the Orion Syndicate and the Klingon Empire.  Tal'Diann assets, agents, saboteurs, and spies are also KDF Intelligence operatives.  Give Vishka my regards.

Tal'Diann holds to the same lofty ideals of Social Credibility, Honrable Ethic, and Passionate Virtues of the Kolari, the thlIngan, and the Rihannsu.

Tal'Diann supports the Republic ch'Mol'Rihan, D'Tan, and the New Romulan Senate.

Under D'Tan's new policy of openness, Tal'Diann makes available the record of a mission undertaken by one of our own.

Riov Di'on Charvon was among Tal'Diann, and took a squadron of Klingon-manufactured D7 cruisers to answer an incursion into Rihan territory by what appeared to be a rogue UFP Starfleet vessel in a mission tagged by Tal'Diann as "The Enterprise Incident."

Those who seek to understand what a Rihan Intelligence community would be like without the psychoses of Tal'Shiar would do well to review the records of this incident.

Gessatra ir'Virinat t'Prell
Fleet Admiral,
Tal'Diann (Romulan Military Intelligence)
Vice Admiral,
Star Navy of the New Romulan Republic,

Klingon Defense Forces Intelligence,
Orion Syndicate Intelligence


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