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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fundamentalists and TERFs in an Unholy Alliance Attempting to Encourage a Hate Crime?

As covered in this recent post, a young Male-to-Female Transsexual student in a Colorado school was given permission to use the appropriate gender restroom (under a Colorado anti-discrimination law, one of the best, if not THE best, in the United States), and, according to initial investigations by a Trans* advocate (but see the fourth link under "Followups" below, in which the family of the child speaks up, as reported by the same Trans* advocate), one parent got their panties in a bunch over it after students and staff at the school did not react the way he or she had hoped, so he or she contacted an unethical and delusional group of fanatics to pass a false story on to national media outlets (again, information is emerging which suggests that the media and/or PJI may have taken this upon themselves, as noted in the fourth link under "Followups" below, but see also the original blog post linked at the beginning of this paragraph, in particular the transcript of the interview with the school's superintendent).

Although the story has been demonstrated to be false, and reported as such by Progressive news sites, the fanatics have, far from admitting wrongdoing and apologizing, increased their efforts, now apparently trying to encourage someone to commit a hate crime against this girl, and attempting to smear those who dare to speak the truth of the matter.

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Followups from The Transadvocate:
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Family of Colorado trans kid targeted by harassment hoax speaks up

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Followup from A.E. Brain:
Bearing False Witness - Part 3

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Insidious: Extreme Pressures Faced by Trans People

Afterword from SuccubaSuprema:
I can only hope that Federal Law Enforcement takes action on this, and that Justice is done to the hate-mongering liars, while no harm comes to the young Trans-girl.

And, once again, for anyone who remains unaware of the fact that Transsexuality is a physical condition, and not some sort of psychosis, the evidence is available here.  For those who are not prepared to read peer-reviewed, scholarly and scientific journal articles (this is not license for Fundamentalist Religionists or Fundamentalist TERFs to ignore facts that contradict their sacred cow patties, however), this video might be more accessible.

Followup from Salon:
Anti-LGBTQ group admits it lied about transgender student “harassing” classmates

Followup from A.E. Brain:
Bearing False Witness - The Spectral Evidence of Violation and Rape

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Update from The TransAdvocate:
Pueblo Chieftain: Florence School Board Upheld Superintendant Vendetti’s Report

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