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Monday, October 7, 2013

The NSA Believes Privacy is a Threat?

From The Atlantic Wire:

In short, then, the new Guardian story is this: The NSA considers the anonymity provided by Tor to be a threat, and is actively trying to figure out how it can engineer a way to track people's activity online. As of the point at which its presentations were created, it hadn't done so.

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The NSA Tried to Undermine Online Anonymity, and Failed

Also, from The Hightower Lowdown:

You're not paranoid--they really are spying on you ...

Rube Goldberg, a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist of the last century, was famous for drawings of what he called "inventions" --complicated contraptions and convoluted schemes for achieving the simplest of goals. ...

Apparently, Rube was also the designer of the National Security Agency's "Simple Catch-a-Terrorist Program," for only a mind as impish as his could've invented such a preposterous, roundabout spy scheme. Rather than simply targeting terrorists and really homing in on them, NSA is running a labyrinthian, secret, extravagant, unconstitutional, and out-of-control electronic surveillance operation that targets you. Yes, you! And me. And every other American living in our Land of the Free. This agency has redefined citizens as suspects. ...

Not that NSA officialdom actually thinks that you, Mr. Upright or Ms. Doright, are terrorists or even "persons of interest" --but, then again, you might be. So, the spook bureaucracy has unilaterally chosen to put its convenience over your constitutional rights. Doing the serious police work to sort out the tiny number of people in our country who are connected in any substantive way to real terrorist threats is too much bother for NSA's techno-warriors, so they've taken the shortcut of dumping all 330 million of us into a digitalized, guilty-until-found-innocent box, keeping an unblinking computer eye on us, and hoping the few bad guys stand out.

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In the name of making us "safe," the NSA has shredded privacy rights and now treats all citizens as suspects

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