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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Bridge of the R.R.W. Di'on Charvon

A few ScreenShots of the bridge of the R.R.W. Di'on Charvon, a Tulwar Dreadnought Warbird commanded by my Romulan character in Star Trek Online, Vice Admiral Gessatra ir'Virinat t'Prell, Fleet Admiral of Tal'Diann.  Click the images to view larger.

Description of the shot above:
Subcommander Hiven (Chief Medical Officer, a Romulan man rescued from a Tal'Shiar holding cell where he was placed for speaking his mind) is standing to the right of the seated Vice Admiral.  Somewhat behind him, at a console, stands Subcommander Veril (Chief Engineer, a young Reman woman rescued from a combined Tal'Shiar/Elachi attack on her home colony).  To the left of and slightly behind the seated Vice Admiral stands Subcommander Tovan Khev (First Officer and Chief Tactical Officer, a young Romulan man about the same age as the Vice Admiral, and one of her childhood friends from the colony of Virinat, who escaped the Tal'Shiar/Elachi attack on Virinat with Gessatra).  Standing at a console in front and slightly to the left of the First Officer is Subcommander D'Vex (Chief of Operations, an older Romulan man, also from the colony of Virinat, captured by Elachi during the unprovoked attack on Virinat, and later freed from a stasis pod aboard an Elachi station).  On the raised landing to the rear of the bridge are two other young Romulan women;  behind and above the Chief Engineer, Subcommander Satra (Chief Science Officer, a refugee from yet another unprovoked Tal'Shiar/Elachi attack on yet another Romulan colony who had taken refuge among the Suliban and volunteered to join Gessatra's crew) stands concealed behind her console, and behind and above the Chief of Operations stands Subcommander Aeris (Chief of Security, offered as a potential recruit for Gessatra's bridge crew by Raenasa ch'Mol'Rihan, the New Romulus Command Center), partially obscured by her console.  The portal at the top of the stairs leads to the combined Ship's Captain's Ready Room (in this case, the Ship's Captain is Vice Admiral t'Prell) and Thalaron Generator Housing.

I am stating for character development purposes that Gessatra and Tovan are in their early 30s (in Human terms, although they are older chronologically, since the Romulan lifespan is longer than that of a Human), Hiven is in his mid 30s, Veril and Aeris are in their mid 20s, Satra is in her late 20s, and D'Vex is in his mid 40s.  Not shown here are several other members of Gessatra's Bridge Officer crew, including a Reman male (whose age I can't determine, although I would say he is probably no older than D'Vex), three more Romulan females (all in their 20s, I believe), and two Orion females (somewhere in the age range of 25-35 for each of these two), because everyone needs to sleep occasionally.

At the start of their careers (or rather, when I first started playing Gessatra), the time period was a few years before 2409 (the current year in Star Trek Online).  How many years, I'm not sure (nor do I recall any definite statement from the game's developers as to the precise length of time between the first mission of the Legacy of Romulus "season" and the standard "current game time" in STO (which has been the year "2409" for over three real-world years now).  However, the first mention of "Mol'Rihan" in the official chronology is from the year 2408, and this, it is said, refers to what was previously known as "Nova Roma" (a poor choice for name, for a number of reasons), a planet first mentioned in the official chronology in the year 2394.  "Nova Roma" cannot, however, be the planet now known by the name "Mol'Rihan" (more properly, "euhre ch'Mol'Rihan," literally "planet of [the] New Romulans"), as this planet was discovered after the Tal'Shiar and Elachi began attacking Romulan and Reman colony worlds, and the discovery was made by explorers from the newly formed "Romulan Republic," led by D'Tan and the Senate of the New Romulan Republic, whereas "Nova Roma" was chosen as the new site for the government of the Romulan Star Empire under the leadership of the Imperial Romulan Senate after the destruction of euhre ch'Rihan (the planet Romulus) due to the Hobus supernova.  I conclude based on this evidence that the beginning of the Legacy of Romulus "season" in STO had to be no more than 10 years before the current date, and (if the chronology isn't changed at some point in the future in order to make it more consistent with the idea that the start of Legacy of Romulus was in the past), possibly as recent as the end of 2408 or in the early months of 2409.  For the backstory of my character, though, I'm inclined to say that the attack on Virinat took place three years before the current date (which would put the attack in 2406), and that euhre ch'Mol'Rihan was discovered by the New Romulan Republic's explorers (among whom were included Gessatra and her crew) at the beginning of 2409.

The viewscreen shows ouahh ch'Mol'Rihan (the New Romulus system) from orbit around euhre ch'Mol'Rihan (the planet of the New Romulans, or "New Romulus"), which is the violet-ish planet in the foreground.  Note the two suns in the system.

A closeup of the Captain's chair and surrounding area.

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