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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tal'Diann Archive - Mission File : The Enterprise Incident - Introductory Material ((STO In Character file transfer from Romulan Military Intelligence))

faiihrir s'Tal'Diann

Shanaku rhae >
/ Pathal Faikarum 
- *~ The Enterprise Incident ~*
--- ch'R Memenda
--- Di'on Charvon (Liviana Charvanek akden, Ri-Fvillhu Thea akden), Riov ehrefvai s'galae'ch'Rihan


Irhihae'edh Aenglish rhae>

[ Begin translation - Federation Standard - Courtesy of the Tal'Diann of the New Romulan Republic ~

Enhance & Restart>

Tal'Diann Archive

Mission File
- *~ The Enterprise Incident ~*
--- I.R.W. Memenda ("Honor Blade")
                                         Code Name:  *~The Talon~*

--- Di'on Charvon (alias Liviana Charvanek, later Praetor Thea), Fleet Commander, Romulan Star Navy

In old style Terran reckoning, before the Federation Starfleet's Stardate had become the standard, the year 2268 (Stardate 5027.3) saw many interesting incidents.

Among them was a mission known in the Tal'Diann archive as "The Enterprise Incident."

Images and log file excerpt follow. 

The Imperial Romulan Warbird, Memenda ("Honor Blade"), Code Name:  "The Talon," arrives on the scene."

Riov Charvon in the Memenda confronts the Starfleet incursion.

A T'Liss Bird of Prey arrives on the scene off the starboard side, another Romulan D7 having decloaked on the port side of the intruding Starfleet vessel.
The Talon poised to take her prize, Riov Di'on Charvon ponders briefly.  "Log.  This captured Federation vessel is the famed Starfleet ship, NCC 1701, The U.S.S. Enterprise.  A prize indeed.  But ... Tal'Diann file on this ship and its captain is incomplete.  Some of the data suggests this vessel would not do such a thing without orders or a very good reason.  Why is this ship here?  Is Kirk the Commander of the vessel?  Why would the Federation's Flagship not only violate the Romulan-Federation Neutral Zone, but even intrude into Romulan Star Empire territory?  And a Vulcan First Officer. ... I shall have the ship's Commander, and First Officer, over for a chat.  End log."

~ End Federation Translation.  Tal'Diann Interstellar Language Department, Tal'Diann Archive ]
Hannam rhae>
/ This is the introduction of a file the Tal'Diann has begun declassifying and translating as part of the new spirit of openness during these early months of D'Tan's stewardship of the New Romulan Republic and its Senate  More will follow..
Shanaku sahhae>

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