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Friday, November 8, 2013

More Evidence of the Need to Pass ENDA


Burke Wallace was an English teacher and the head varsity football coach at Livermore Valley Charter Prep High School in 2012 until he was terminated because he is a gay man. According to court documents filed in Alameda County Superior Court, Wallace was fired from his coaching duties this spring and was forced to leave his teaching job due to the harassment and stress.

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Gay California teacher and football coach harassed and fired

SuccubaSuprema writes:
Meanwhile, Herr Boehner has insisted that passage of ENDA would put a finanacial burden on business and that it is redundant and unneeded (which are, of course, mutually contradictory claims:  if existing laws already cover these concerns, then how would ENDA do anything to business? -- but of course, self-referential incoherence is a commonly observed characteristic of Far Right Wing Extremists and Fundamentalist Religionists).

For more on ENDA, see my earlier post here.

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