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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This Is Important! Report Cyberbullying, Hate, and Fraud in the PJI Video on YouTube.

The Pacific Justice Institute, an anti-LGBTI hate group, has continued to attempt to use their already discredited claims in other venues.  Now that they've admitted (see earlier posts in this blog here and here) to having fabricated a story in order to appeal to ignorance and prejudice (apparently with two goals, one regarding influencing legislators and voters, and the other being hard to see as anything other than promoting a hate crime against an innocent minor), have not stopped pushing the lie, but instead, have put up a video on YouTube repeating the lie in an effort to spread falsehood and hatred even more.

Please report the video to YouTube as inappropriate.  There are several categories under which it is inappropriate, including Abuse, Hate, and Fraud.

Read more at my Google+.

Update from The Transadvocate:
PJI fundraising video targeting suicidal trans kid goes viral

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