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Thursday, November 7, 2013

YouTube Has Failed to Do the Right Thing So Far, and the Lying Hate Group's Video Has Not Been Removed

For background, see the earlier post (and the links included there).

This new article from The Transadvocate updates us with some additional information:
PJI fundraising video targeting suicidal trans kid goes viral

I'll point out that yesterday, before the hate group disabled ratings for their video, there were several hundred "dislikes" and less than 100 "likes."  [sarcasm]Ain't it horrible that people dislike hatred, lies, bullying, and other such things?[/sarcasm]

Please report the video for what it is.  You have several valid choices (of which YT limits you to one selection, as if a video might not violate more than one aspect of their Terms of Service), in at least two categories:
"Spam or Misleading" (choose "Fraud" in this category, since the claims of the group have been shown repeatedly to be false, or, in other words, PRATT, yet the group continues to push the same lies)
"Hateful or Abusive Content" (any of the following are valid:  "Promotion of Hatred and/or Violence", "Abuse of Vulnerable Individuals", and "Bullying")

Let YouTube know that this sort of hate speech is unacceptable.

See also:
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