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Monday, November 11, 2013

Largest Structure in the Ancient Near East?

From Hurriyet Daily News:

This year’s excavations at Kayseri’s ancient site of Kültepe, a center where the written history of Anatolia began, have unearthed a large monument. The ancient monument will now be carefully examined, said the head of the Kültepe excavations Fikri Kulakoğlu.

He said the excavations had been conducted in an area dating back to 4,500 years ago and currently they were working on the monument.

The monument’s 75x60-meter-part has been unearthed, said Kulakoğlu. “This monumental structure is the largest building that has been found in the Anatolian and middle Eastern areas.”

Noting that the whole monument might be something like a directorial building but not a house, Kulakoğlu said they thought that it might be the directorial venue where the king had stayed, once upon a time.

They think it was a government building, but I think it was a temple (based on relative sizes of buildings by type in the area historically).

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